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Why cift?

The Fashion World is changing so does the conception of the people towards fashion. This world is for those who can update themselves with the time. So, our main concern here are the students who have already passed out the fashion study and looking for the best platform to showcase their designs and flourish their career in the current fashion industry. CIFT has introduced this course targeting all the already passed students to make them stand in the current fashion industry. This is probably the new one in the history of Fashion designing course in Nepal. Once students got passed out, their career becomes the less concern for the institute or the faculty because there are so many. Only very few who have done the best in the teacher's eye could get help from the concern person to showcase their talent in runaways. We would like you to assure that we don't do any partiality during their time in CIFT. And, if they come to us, we assist them to give the placements, jobs, internship or also to run their own company. Apart from that, if necessary, we can help them to showcase their designs, promote their talent in social media platforms, help them to make better portfolio, and also encourage them to take part in the fashion shows in various events.

Passion for Fashion Design

We are a professional group with the mindset to teach not hundreds but thousands about the Fashion Design industry.

Our main aim is to provide all the basic and technical aspects of fashion designing. Students will learn fashion sense, skills, and the language. Similarly, students of CIFT are placed in the top fashion companies. We will also help them to grow the business of those who are willing to open their own fashion related company. But what about the students who have already got a degree in fashion designing but are seeking the best platform to showcase their knowledge. CIFT is mainly targeting those students to assist them to have a successful career in the fashion world. We will do our best to place them in fashion careers as per their talent, creativity and knowledge. If we think what they have is not sufficient to compete between the new uprising designers, then we will further teach them the necessary foundation as per the current standards of the fashion industry. CIFT has successfully organized and participated in many fashion shows, and exhibitions across the world. We always give a chance to our students to be in such kind of shows.

CIFT Vision is to give the platform to showcase creativity and passion, and help students get a degree in fashion designing. We have not only provided the basic courses, but also different career oriented advanced programs, as per the present standards of the fashion industry. Which is why our training programs are best among the other fashion designing institute or college in Nepal. All of our faculty members (Designers, Tutors, and Lecturers) are highly experienced and have been working in this field for decades. We know, when it comes to learning nothing is enough. That’s why we also have different guest lecturers who are associated with this field to share their experience, knowledge and skills they have gained during their working period.

Our main principle is :-
• To provide quality and excellent knowledge to our students and assist them to select the right career path.
• To always motivate and encourage the backwarded students to help them to move forward in the fashion industry.
• If one needs a personal development and growth, we will always support them as a mentor or friend. Like talk sessions, interactions, guest lectures, meet and greet program with national and international personas/celebrities.
• To make the CIFT one of the best fashion institutes in Nepal.
• To provide placement, and internship to deserving students.
• Always ready to test new and advanced technology in both fashion, textile as well as fashion business.
• Discipline is what we care the most. All of our faculty members are highly behaviour and we expect our students to be the same.

20 Years of Experience


Speaking about a career in fashion, it’s been quite a while that people are actually seeing career in the fashion industry. The international fashion market is a way beyond our imagination. They are very forward and have different work profiles related to fashion. But in Nepal, people think that fashion means to become a fashion designer and open a boutique. At some point it is correct. But actually there are lots of job opportunities of fashion study that people are still unaware of.

Some of the leading job profiles of fashion study are fashion in branding, fashion journalist, stylish, online boutique management, fashion marketing manager, fashion product manager, fashion brand manager, fashion stylist, fashion advertising agent, boutique manager, fashion promotion specialist, publish relation manager, visual merchandiser, fashion accessories designer, and so on.

Have you ever heard these career opportunities that fashion study opens up? Surely not. If you think there is no career option rather than sewing clothes and selling them, then think twice. These are some leading work profiles that international fashion students have already made their career into. So, once you gain an abundant knowledge of fashion one can easily select any of the above mentioned career. Simply saying lets make our fashion industry more advanced and help yourself to compete in the international market.

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