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Mrs. SUCHITA SACHI (Fashion Designer)


    Creative design is personal thing and just as people have different personalities, so to do designing with fabric and color. To make garment successfully, fabric selection is important, for it incorporates shade, texture and draping qualities. It will play leading role in creating silhouette of the garment.

       To begin with basic designing principles, when choosing a fabric hold it in the general lines of the style planned, and ask these questions:

Does it fall into folds over the body curves?

Will it gather at the waist?

Will it crisp line to pleats?

Will it give a smooth or bulky appearance?

Will it respond to panel seaming?

Will it reflex an attractive shade under artificial lighting?

      These are some of the things that will give guidance as to how a fabric will behave when being made up and when being worn. Wrong selection could give disappointing result. The style must enhance the natural feature of the fabric. For example, soft style line for soft fabrics. Never try to stiffen a soft fabric to give a crisp line or the natural softness will be lost the overall effect must be studied.

   Large figure type must avoid bulky fabric, which will add to size. Fabric with a smooth, shiny surface which reflect light will also give an appearance in large figure

     Tall, slender figure types must avoid too bulky or heavy fabric, which may overpower the figure, and should select a fabric, which will drape to give a softy curved line.

  If the figure is tall and heavy built, select a smooth fabric with a matt surface, avoiding large pattern fabric.

     If the figure is tall and too thin add roundness by avoiding clinging fabric, which will show the thinness of the fabrics.

      The short slender figure must avoid coarse, heavy fabrics with large pattern. Soft fabric, and small patterned fabrics will enhance delicacy of the figure.

    If the figure is short and plump then heavy, coarse, shiny fabrics must be avoided. Soft fabric medium to light weight with matte surface give them to advantage to this type of figure.

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