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Few Words from CIFT

Over the last few years we have been reading & hearing the word fashion designing and this is how it is important to the meaning of the term. In very generalized to understand the true meaning and concept of the word fashion Designing.

The word fashion is a very narrow sense related to the clothes that we wear their styles and trends, which keep changing. Anything that is not accident is design that is a very general explanation to the term designing. Designing is the mental process, when anything is designed it is first done mentally i.e. things are first perceived by the brain and then they are put on paper so Designing is “PUTTING AN IDEA ON PAPER IN PLANNED MANNER WITH A PRE-CONCEIVED GOAL IN MIND. “Fashion Is known for trend or a style which is followed by a group of people individually or collectively at a given time in a place or region”

Large scale of production of ready-to-wear clothing has led to setting up of manufacturing units and export houses, requiring trained professional to lead the design activity and product development and co-ordination. The apparel industry is spreading and growing by leaps and bounds providing employment to over a people

As a response to the above subject on Fashion studies is being introduced at CIFT (Creative Institute of Fashion Technology).CIFT provide the course portrays up-to-date basic concepts, techniques, application and some classroom practicals. All necessary information essential to understand the principles of ‘Fashion Studies ‘included the syllabus .Further guideline in project work will be developed to enable the teachers, for effective transitively for curriculum.

I invite the comments and suggestion from the expends, Faculty community to improve upon the curriculum, Designing, boutique management, pattern construction and other related matter .