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Mrs. Manila Dulal ( Fashion Designer)


Dreaming about designs on fabric always has been a great passion and execute it on sketch, pattern layout, construct a full desired silhouette with creative styles and explore it trendy are the fundamental deals to hit designs towards the fashion market.

           Alluring outlook of designs with proper finishing and fitting to grab the client attention and satisfaction is the utmost priority for fashion designers and touch the range of pick point in the textile to apparel trade world has been stayed as a challenging deed for designers to get foremost prediction of designs.

Market survey on going trends, consumer taste and demands, expense range criteria on designs, environment, cultures and social impact; these all are the inclusive fundaments to produce effective products. These all help the designers to innovate the creations and explore themselves as an entrepreneur to integrate into the business world.

           Fashion designing involves, the art to impart creative designs on an apparel as well as accessories skillfully and play on the silhouette to define expressively body contour merely focusing on an individual and also confined the trend among the people through mass production to flourish powerful personality within this vogue fashion cosmos. 

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