Message from Director Mrs. Suchita Sachi

Fashion has always been an integral part of human civilization and it will always be an important part, even into future. Fashion played a very vital role and was an accepted part of society. According to dictionary meaning, Fashion is an activity which involves the use of ingenuity and imagination in giving shape or form to something, usually clothes and apparel and opportunities for making a successful career as a Fashion Designer.


What is fashion all about? Well actually, it is an excellent taste in everything one does. Some are born with it, some acquire it….. and everyone benefits from formalized training .Fashion has now become requisite in the social world. Today, the trend is moving away from ‘shop’ and ‘product’ to boutiques, designer wear and fashion stops, Designers in apparel, shoes, accessories etc.are wooed upon .Little wonder then that they are amongst the highest paid professionals today. Fashion Design is one such option. It is one of the most powerful forces in our lives. Fashion is dynamic and ever changing. It influences our lifestyle and it is a big business and key driver for several industries like apparel, textile, accessories or lifestyle products. This has widely expanded the scope for professional fashion designer. The wide outreach of Fashion allows one to chart their own career path creating new opportunities that have highly untapped. Fashion Design as profession includes the entire process of designing and producing fashion apparels from the fibre and the yarn stage to the finished product

There are no boundaries where Fashion is concerned. It spreads its wings beyond national borders to the International scene. The world has become one big canvas, on which if one tries hard enough, one can leave one’s fashion footprint. Fashion can be heady and addictive, but like all professionals, one needs the right springboard to launch oneself; one need to learn the right methods and the right techniques. Talent and creativity individually flourish best when the basics are in place.

At the CREATIVE INSTITUTE OF FASHION DESIGNING,CIFT  that’s exactly what we hopes to achieve. To equip youngsters with a flair for fashion with right training to put their talents to the best possible use


What are the opportunities in the Fashion world like? Can I make career in fashion? We are sure that these are these and many more questions are popping into your mind We would like to answer them

In today’s world, Fashion plays a very important role and Today’s a career in Fashion is sensible choice. Did you know that fashion designers are amongst the highest paid professionals? The fashion designing industry involves a wide variety of exciting opportunities concerned with creation and production of marketable apparel for the fashion, retailing trade. Research; design, construction, production evolution and promotions are in all areas which require expert knowledge of the Fashion Designer. It is a diversified field which involves everything from children’s wear and accessories to couture. It is an exciting field offering glitter and glamour. To be a good fashion Designer, you need to have the right kind of training in fashion At the Creative Institute of Fashion Designing ‘CIFT’, We help to do just that.

Placement assistance after course completion too is an important part of the culture at CIFT. We believe that after a student finishes his/her course, the story does not end. Placing him/her with good fashion house is equally important.

At the Creative institute, CIFT, nothing is impossible even your loftiest dreams are ready to take the Fashion world by storm. And take the opportunity by the horns.

The fashion designing courses at CREATIVE INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY ‘ CIFT’ has been developed exclusively  to provide students with a specially designed curriculum that prepares them for successful, productive careers. They also enable students to enhance their analytical, critical imaginative abilities.

The goal of the Fashion Designing program is to develop creative and innovative designers equipped with the techniques of fine craftsmanship, attuned to the needs of the consumer and armed with strong business awareness and background.

The faculty is well trained and since the batch size is small, personal attention to students which is necessity is also a reality. And of course, most importantantly, our course is theory and practical.  Once you embark on a course at ‘CIFT’, you will find that it will change your lifestyle. It is wonderful world of Fashion out there. And ‘CIFT’ will help you to walk into it with ease, confidence and also as our name implies, we mean what we predict.

See you soon at CIFT .

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